5 Ways To Give and Receive More Oral Sex

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Uncertainty: Getting A Man To Enjoy Cunnilingus

To get a man who is just put off by the whole thing to enjoy cunnilingus, start with short sessions of light kisses initially, and give him all the right audibles.

Then as he relaxes each time you have sex, encourage him to stay a bit longer by praising him during the session with up an/down hip movements and some “Mmmms.”


Image: Liam Doyle via Flickr

Try, also, putting a small pillow under your ass (to raise up your cootch), then bend your knees and bring your heels up towards your butt (as if in a laying down yoga position).Open it all up to him—it is easier for him and allows him to better visualize what he is doing where and to correlate his moves with your reactions. It also makes you open and vulnerable to him at a time he may be feeling a bit intimated.

Dark or dim lighting is always a good equalizer for nervous folks too. And throughout the process, give praise!


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