5 Ways To Give and Receive More Oral Sex

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Gross Factor: Her On Him

For her on him, minimizing gross-out of oral sex on men is of course linked to having a clean cock. Also, guys may want to consider shaving, especially along the shaft of the penis itself.

It is common for men to have hair growing along their "manhood." This tends to become more prevalent and to occur further along the shaft as men age. Having a few strands of hair in your mouth during a BJ can be distracting to the enjoyment of giving oral sex for some women. A silky smooth experience can be obtained by having him borrow your pre-gelled Venus razor to clean things up. Helping him might even be fun!

Beyond that, if she gags because he is thrusting too deep, he will probably get less oral sex. Few women want to be gagged during a Deep Throat blow job.

And, of course, a huge concern for most gals is dealing with a mouthful of cum. It isn't always that fun to receive, and if he has not ejaculated in a while, his wad is huge, thick and overly sweet tasting (e.g. gaggy).

Similarly, if he hasn't been drinking much water during the day, his wad can be extra thick and highly concentrated with sugars (slimy sweet). This can turn even the biggest fellatio fan off.


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