How To Goal Set This Year As You Reflect on the Past Year

As each year comes to a close, I enjoy looking back over the year.  I ask myself questions such as:

What are the highlights of my year? 

What has served me well over this past year and what has not? 

At the beginning of last year, I set a self-improvement goal of letting go of need to be perfect.

For me, my perfectionism is a measurement of my feelings of self-worth and my need for others to validate who I am as a woman.  Over the past year, I worked on letting go of that perception.  I realize that my need for others to validate who I am does not serve me well anymore.

Reflecting back over the year, I see that some days I did better than others.  Overall, I can see progress.  And I celebrate my willingness to show that I am not perfect and that I am okay with that.  This has resulted in a sense of peace since I am not pressuring myself to reach unrealistic expectations.

I can also clearly see that I need to continue my work in this area and it will be a goal for me this next year.  I would suggest you reflect back over your life this past year and look for a behavior or belief that has not served you well and select it as a self-improvement goal for this next year.

Thanks for being with me and Happy New Year!

Debbi Dickinson

Founder|Stepping Into Joy, LLC

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