How to Grow Your Own Snack Garden

My husband and I both work full-time, which means weekday interactions with our children take place in the morning before 8am and the evening after 5:30pm.  Frankly, those times are not when I'm "at my best," nor are my children or my husband. We see each other when we're groggy eyed, somebody inevitably is still sleeping deeply and needs to be cajoled out of bed. Somehow, on the weekends, our children play a cruel joke on us by waking up way earlier than they do on school days. 

Many of my memories of my own father at home when I was growing up feature him exhausted from a hard day of work.  He is a conscientious and fair attorney and judge who puts all of his energy into serving his clients and the town where he judges.   We all know what it is like to spend your days pumping your energy into your work and then arriving home to energetic and needy young children. Most of all, they want exactly what you can't give anymore - your attention. My husband is a school principal and I am a preschool administrator, so all day long we give to children - mostly not our own. What do our kids get from us? What could I get from my hard-working dad at the end of the day? The leftovers. 

There's only one way to avoid this cycle of working parents having little to give to their own children at the end of a long day - engage in restoration. We often arrive home uncomfortable in our work clothes, a little bit dehydrated, and hungry for dinner. My solution? Make yourself a snack garden.  This is a collection of a few plants that you and your children can curate enjoy the fruit together.  Best of all, these plants are healthy, hydrating, and can provide a bit of bonding for you and your children at the end of the day. 

Great plants for a snack garden include: snap peasstrawberries, and small tomatoes





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