How to Handle Rejection by Blogging Biggies - BlogHer, Google Adsense, FoodGawker, Tastespotting

I write - I enjoy it. I photograph - I like beauty. I style – I appreciate. I create – I am satisfied.

July 17th, 2013 I launched Lemon in Ginger blog with a new look, new name, new platform with hopes for a new beginnings.

And with confidence I submitted my blog for Google Adsense and BlogHer. Why was I confident – because, I knew I met all their criteria. In a week, I got rejection from both. Why? BlogHer responded with “Right now, we don't foresee a match between our projected network openings and your blog.” – A food blog exclusively doesn’t match? Surprising!

Google Adsense - my blog doesn’t conform to their policies. Now that is something I would like to know more about. Before submitting I had sort of done extensive read on how to improve chances of getting approved by Google Adsense and did follow to the T. But alas!

BlogHer took me more by surprise as I had not found a single instance of rejection, I read few blog posts about not getting response from them for months together and then suddenly getting approved but outright rejection in 3-4 days I didn’t come across.

Well these are not the first instances of rejection, ever since I started blogging over 2 years ago, I’ve been unceremoniously rejected by Food Gawker and Tastespotting. Fellow and famous food bloggers whom I requested to be a part of my blog as judges or guest rejected me either by opting out due to prior commitment (a standard answer as per me) and some even refusing to acknowledge the email.

Luckily for me before blogging I’ve had the best of life – education, career and everything else. If I decided to pursue certain company for placement, I got a break in the first attempt, I decided to sit for higher education exams, I got through in first attempt. I did not just get through but I excelled as well. So for someone like me with a background of achieving what I set out to, these rejections have not been easy.

I have sulked, felt rejected (obviously!) and not good enough. I would ask my husband, what is it that I am doing wrong? Sometimes I have even compared my work – recipe, photographs, writing - with others who are far more popular and present everywhere in blogosphere. And no points in guessing that most times I felt that I am not BAD! Bad enough to be rejected??? Self-doubt is a very dangerous seed.

THEN, I came across this most beautiful post from Amanda who needs no introduction and writes beautiful blogs like I am Author, I am Baker, I am Mommy and I am Servant. From that minute of reading point # 5, I have stopped feeling bad. Well, I do feel bad but then I remember her words and remember that I am Good! I am my own barometer. I will keep growing and learning along the way. If I didn’t fit in with what others deem is good, it’s OK.

My husband succinctly puts it for me - With 2 very young kids and little resources at hand, I have shown a fantabulous curve in food photography – a testimony of which is my Revisiting Food Through the Lens Series. My content is original, writing is clean - much appreciated by many and I have come a long way from being a newbie.

Other posts which have kept me grounded are – 10 Real-Talk Blog Tips, Part –2 by Joy the Baker and simple words from Suzzane Perryman about Ree Drummond a.k.a The Pioneer Woman – ‘there was no major spike’ in her own traffic but slow and steady growth over time.

I try and not be harsh on myself and not let others’ rejection make me feel I am not good. I am successful most of the time!

I write - I enjoy it. I photograph - I like beauty. I style – I appreciate. I create – I am satisfied.

Share with me if you have been rejected in blogging world and how you overcame it.

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Deepali @ Lemon in Ginger


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