Being a Mom Totally Boosts Your Self-Esteem

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Having kids is great. You get to clean them, feed them, pay for them, and love them for a really long time.

And kids are wonderful at building your self-esteem! Take the following stories, for instance:

I was giving my 9-year-old son a hug and a kiss as he went to bed. Isn't it amazing how kids grow so fast? Just yesterday he was my little baby boy.

Me: Good night, little boy!

Hug. Kiss.

9-year-old: Good night, big mom!

See? He called me BIG. What woman doesn't want that?

And my 6-year-old daughter makes me feel great about myself, too, as illustrated by this:

I was getting dressed the other morning, putting on my cropped jeans that all the cool kids wear.

6-year-old: What are those?


Me: Capris.

6-year-old: You mean, jeans that used to fit you, but now don't?

Self Esteem
Credit: chayshots.

Wow! She sort of backhandedly complimented me on either 1) my fashion sense or 2) being a fast grower.

How do your kids boost your self-esteem?


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