How To Help Japan and How Not To


Donate to The Red Cross instead.

Already some idiots are claiming that the Japanese people were asking for it because a majority of them are atheists. A country full of atheists that don't even loot? We've got to get a bible over there quick!

The blindness of mainstream Christianity astounds me. They seem to be too busy shoving a belief system down people's throats to see the real needs.

This is exactly why I don't support mission trips (sorry Mom and Dad). If you aren't bringing clean water to a village or food to starving children then I have no use for it.

At a church we used to attend, the youth had a field trip to London. LONDON. They left Chattanooga, TN, a few hours away from Appalachia, where people lack basic dental and health care, and they went to London.  Send all the support requests you want, I'm not paying for your vacation.

(The next time they had a youth mission trip, Paul said, "Where are they going now? Vatican City?")

In Japan, so many people have lost everything (people they love, shelter, food, and water). They need to be fed and comforted, not inundated with religious rhetoric.

Djinny writes My Spinning Plates but isn't in any hurry to convert you.


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