How to Help Stay-at-Home Parents

I was flipping through channels and stopped on an interview of Dr.
Laura Schlessinger speaking about her new book called "In Praise of
Stay-at-Home Moms." Love her or hate her, she wrote a list that was
right on. I'd like to add stay-at-home dads to the list, though,
because they are working just as hard as moms.

5 Things Dad's Can Do to Help Stay At Home Moms

  • Cut out complaining or bragging
  • Find something to compliment about the home
  • Find time to talk to your wife as "your woman"
  • Brag about your wife and kids in her presence
  • Provide break or "girl" time for your wife

though I stay at home with the kiddos with no monetary compensation, it
is the best job I have ever had! Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that
is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of
doing everything for money."


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