How Heraclitus Fluxed it All Up

Have you ever heard about him?   I named my kids Jara, Reign and Credence and people often say… “how interesting.”  Imagine introducing Her a clitus.  That’s how it’s pronounced. I lived in Regina Saskatchewan and that was bad enough.  My whole life every time I said I lived in Regina most people would crack up like a 10 year old boy because Regina rhymes with….


More importantly, Heraclitus was known as The Crying Philosopher.   He wept for man’s feebleness.  He didn’t believe that most people were strong enough to endure life with all its ups and downs and he could see no hope for this basic condition.  Then he came up with the idea that life is in perpetual flux.  Constant change.  The only thing you can count on in this life?  Change. 


Back in 500 B.C. Heraclitus wrote about this and his other philosophical ideas on a papyrus scroll and took it to the nearest temple.  All the great minds and scholars of the day studied it, copied it and quoted it.  Throughout time, the book disintegrated as did Heraclitus, what’s left is about 100 fragmented sentences.   People like Plato and Aristotle were fans and his words have passed down throughout time.


Life is perpetual flux.  Change.  Everything must change.  Everything to forever be unsure, uncertain and unstable.  If that’s not enough change seems to be married to losing things.  Things like our innocence, our friends, our love, our health, our beauty, our success, our happiness, and so on.  ‘Change is hard,’ not sure who said that first.  Probably the first guy Heraclitus tried out his ‘life is in perpetual flux’ theory on.


When I looked up the word flux it means the flow of something; to make something fluid.  Flow.  Flowing.  Being in the flow.   I know what it feels like to be in my flow, good.   It feels like everything is going my way.   It feels confident and radiant it feels like everything falling perfectly into place.  I’m sure, relaxed, free, easy, life carries me.   There is a sense of well being of being right with the world.   But of course, it will change  too because life really is change.  Things will fade, go and be replaced.  And we all know how painful that can be.  And we beat ourselves up, and diminish all the good that ever was and or can still be if we just let it change.  Maybe I should just see where it all ends up taking me if I stay easy with it all, if I keep fluid with it and run like a river to the sea.  


Maybe I remind myself that change is life, and life is good.  When I stop and look at life, I see how it takes care of it’s own.   Life nurtures, supports and builds all things up.  I see how strong life is.  I see how life brings things into their own fruition.  


So when things seem to be fluxing up I’m gonna be ‘in life’.  I’m going to be easy with it and stay in my flow.  I’m going to think about life, how it is strong and always growing.  I’m going to remember that I am life.   That I am strong and ever growing.  And even if this flow I’m in gets bumpy and the rapids carry me far into a distant place I never knew.   I will be there in it.   I will be my best self.   I will know it is my good fortune to be exactly where I am and that I will come once again into my own and I will be bigger and better for it.   For life begets life and those that love are loved. 


And maybe a change might do me good. 





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