How to Hire the Best Interns

As businesses get closer to the summer months and look into adding more hands on deck, many of these hands will belong to students taking on a summertime internship. Putting out the job listing on college boards and career sites will undoubtedly result in plenty of resumes submitted your way, but how do you decide who to hire in a sea of qualified applicants? Keep the following tips in mind when it comes to hiring, and keeping, the best interns for your team.

Create multiple positions.

Who said you only need to pick just one shining star out of the bunch applying? If your company has several departments that need extra bodies to help out, create multiple internship opportunities tailored to each specific department.

Offer pay or a stipend and college credit.

If you have the financial means within your business to provide hard working interns with a paycheck or an agreed upon stipend at the end of their time there, do it! At the very least, be sure that you can provide college credit as necessary.

Ensure that your internship provides hands-on work.

It’s easy to pass off busy work to interns like going on a Starbucks run for the office or having them pick up the mail, but these fresh faces are hungry for the experience and want to show off what they know. Put them to work with interesting assignments to give them the hands on experience in the field that they need!

Offer an extension into the internship.

If the first few months working together prove to be a success, see if the intern wants to stay on and keep the program going. Be clear on the duration of the internship to come if they decide to continue – in some cases, it might even lead from a part time-time position to being a full-time employee!