How to Honor Your Prana - Create a Daily Prana Ritual

Since I started my own business a few months ago, one of my biggest challenges has been staying focused.

Don’t misunderstand.  I have a very clear vision and a detailed business plan.   I know I have the talent, passion, drive and resilience to succeed.   It’s all about planning the work and working the plan, right?

What I didn’t factor into my business plan, was the strength of my Prana.

That energetic life force inside of me distracts me from my business plan every day.  It keeps pushing, pulling, yanking, tugging and nudging me in new directions and new experiences.

I finally realized I couldn’t fight or ignore my Prana anymore.

I have to honor it!

So, now I’m open to whatever my life force brings me, and I’m adjusting my business plan to integrate these new lessons.  My vision hasn’t changed; however, the steps to get there are changing every day.  And the result is, I’m enjoying the journey more than ever.

Following are my tips on how to Honor Your Prana by Creating a Daily Prana Ritual.

CREATE A DAILY PRANA RITUAL.  Some people meditate, others surf, others dance, and others play music.  Whatever you do, the key is to dedicate time every day to be alone with your life force, to still your thoughts, and to be fully present in that moment.  But even that’s not enough.  You need to create some sacred space around this daily event – you need to create a daily Prana ritual.

I created my ritual by necessity.  It would literally take me 15 minutes to get settled, before I could even start my daily meditation.  So, I began collecting tools that were calming and peaceful to me, and I brought these tools into my meditation preparation.

There are no hard and fast rules for your ritual or the tools you select.  Just go with what feels right to you.  What do I need today?  Ask the universe and a picture or word will usually pop into your mind.  Don’t question it, just go with it.

I like tools that calm me, elevate me and balance me.

My daily Prana ritual includes floral essence sprays, crystals, scented candles, a tuning fork, a meditation altar, and prayer.  I love the way each of my ritual tools touches all my senses and feelings -- through smell, touch, sight and sound.

How I choose to use my ritual tools is unique and very personal to me.

Many of my tools, I didn’t even buy; they were gifts.

When I first set up my meditation altar, I needed something to cover the small table.  Something to honor me, and a space where I could place all my special items.  And then I remembered!  I had received a gift several years prior from the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where I had hosted a business function.  It was a set of white pillowcases with my initials embroidered in gold.  I never used the pillowcases and had just tucked them away in my closet.  Suddenly, I knew where to find them.  And there they were, still wrapped in the ribbon and plastic.  I couldn’t have bought a more perfect covering for my meditation table!

Creating a ritual and using tools to raise your vibrations is all about intuition.  So give a listen to the pushes, pulls, yanks, tugs and nudges.  They’re there to help you shine your light!


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