How I Balance Working From Home With 3 Kids...


here's a day in the life {working from home}

shower and get dressed - this little trick keeps me motivated and working if i don't do this i quickly get depressed. what? pj's vs a pair of pants and a shirt, i know i know - but seriously it's no matter that i am at home and no-one can see me, this is one of the most important things i do. most of the time i shower before bed, so when i get up all i have to do is get dressed.

get outside for a walk once a day for fresh air and vitamin D - check the mail, go out for coffee, walk on the beach... just get outside. this works wonders for rejuvenating me and keeping my working day fresh and energized.

i designate a day or large portion of the day for all house cleaning once a week. by now you're asking "ok, when does she work?" that's coming i promise, but these things keep me organized and going. i can't stand sitting at my desk trying to concentrate when the washer beeps that it is done, now i have to go throw it in the dryer and add another load into the washer. the floors look like they need vacuuming, all the surfaces in the living room are coated in dust, and the pile of dishes in the sink isn't getting smaller. i am not a neat freak - far from it my husband would tell you. yet, when these things nag at me i can't concentrate or worse yet i am trying to do them all while working and i end up feeling scattered and it seems like nothing is completely done. so i designate 1 day a week to get all of the major housework done: laundry, vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping, and organizing. i usually have time to answer emails and do a little work in the late afternoon. it is also a nice break from work and i feel so much better when it's out of the way and not nagging at me :)

take a real lunch break - i get away from my desk and i don't take any electronics with me. i take a magazine or book i reheat some left overs from last night's dinner or make a nice fresh salad and i sit in my dining room and eat and relax.  i allow myself a whole 30 minutes to dilly dally and enjoy a real break, but i usually end up just taking 15 minutes. i allow myself 30 minutes so i don't feel rushed or STRESSED


  • 6:00 am dressed and breakfast for everyone
  • 7:00 drop children off
  • 8:00 gym
  • 9:00 at my desk to start work
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 1:00 to 3:00 work
  • then i'm off to pick up the children and be a mom

i answer emails in the morning and then i handle my virtual assistant clients. go for a quick walk, then start on web design clients and a little graphic design then i study new code techniques and then keep books and organize invoices. i usually blog at night - this seems to be when the writing flows.

at the end of the work day i tidy my desk and make schedule and plan for the next day.

see my post on productivity on how i keep distractions at a minimum and stay productive.

go to bed by 10pm - if i stay up too late i won't function well the next day. i am a total waste, it's a lot like sabotage.

how do you work from home? what is your best tip?



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