How I Found Abundance in a Dance Studio

Earlier this year my significant other and I decided to start a Polynesian dance troupe (think Hawaiian luau shows). In a few very short months we pulled together a group of strong, beautiful dancers, made for them great costumes and taught them a full set of entertaining Polynesian dances. In retrospect, it was a magical feat. Blinded by excitement and inspiration, we barreled through the summer acquiring more business than either of us had thought possible!

Then came September … and I was quite painfully burnt out.

Now that it’s “off-season” the vigor I once had has significantly waned, the wild passion giving way to a quiet, joyful normalcy. While I miss the burning motivation I almost drowned in a few months ago, I readily acknowledge the necessity of this resting period … if only to let my muscles heal!

But as I’m preparing for dance practice tonight, I think, “What about my dancers? Does it make me less of a leader to be less impassioned than I once was? Does it make me less of a leader to be less obsessive about our performances these days? Am I a hypocrite for asking them for their unwavering dedication when I feel like my own is still crippled by exhaustion?”

With these thoughts, I arrived to tonight’s practice hoping for the strength to be their inspiration. What I found was inspiration was already waiting for me.

My dancers arrived, ready to dance, excited to discuss their own goals for the off-season. They’d developed clear visions and were eagerly seeking my help with their success. By the end of the night I stood in awe of them, inspired by their self-motivation, reminded that when I ask for something it’s not always given to me. Like tonight, sometimes I’m simply given the opportunity to find it in others.


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