How I Handled Professor Feminism and his Mansplaining (Or Sexism 101)

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[Editor's Note: Don't you just get exhausted trying to explain to men why mansplaining is, well, sexist? Then you'll definitely want to read this brilliant and funny post about the "mansplanation" that cropped up around a post about the HBO series Game of Thrones (and the series of books written by George R.R. Martin).--Mona]

It all started because I deleted some link spam.
Let me explain. On this site, we sometimes get comments that are designed for no other purpose but to promote a certain blog, website, or blog post. “Spam,” these comments are called. Sometimes, these comments are nobly motivated, yet clearly robotic; a blog post about, say, domestic violence gets found by Google and we get a comment along the lines of “Domestic violence harms many women and children! Visit to learn more!” Since this is spam, albeit of a well-motivated nature, it gets deleted so that our non-robot commenters don’t have to wade through it. Sometimes, it’s actual people looking to promote their own blog posts by hitching a ride on ours: “Nice post about Doctor Who! I also wrote about Doctor Who one time! My post is here at!” Also spam, also gets deleted. My, what interesting facts about basic comment moderation these must be for you!


Picture of author George R.R. Martin by Icantcu on Flickr

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