How I Keep My Hair Looking Healthy

Keeping My Hair Looking healthy

I use Argan Oil & Pequi Oil for my hair to give it that shine. To be honest with you both products work the same, I use the Argan Oil when i wash my hair but don't straighten it. I like to keep my hair looking shiny even when i wear it curly :) which half of the time you'll  never see me with my hair curly..
I use the Pequi Oil right before i am about to straighten my hair. A little goes a long way so don't put too much on your hands because then it will make your hair extremely oily and you do not want that! 
I have lots of baby hairs so i use a Root Stimulator. I only use a hair stimulator when im not using mousse. If i'm putting my hair up in a ponytail then i use mousse but don't use the root stimulator. You can use both  if you want to but the mousse will hold your hairs down so no need to use both.
When i do my hair i use a ceramic flat iron. If you don't have one go get one like now! They are the best for the hair! 
I'm going to give you a list of how you can keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, soft and all ;)
1. If you use a blow dryer to straighten your hair make sure you dohair treatments at least once a week. 
blow drying your hair is not so good but lets face it....Flat ironing it is not neither! Neither ones are good because you are putting heat on your hair and blah blah blah! We all know why it's bad but if we are going to do it just make sure you deep condition your hair once a week, maybe get a after shower conditioner that you can leave on your hair. Those work great! 
2. A lot of people use heat protectors for the hair before they iron it. I personally think those products are a bunch of bull**** which is why you've never hear me mentioning one or using one....Nor will i use one. I don't believe in those products. If you are going to use heat on your hair no matter what you put on it to protect it it will still get damaged because.................IT'S HEAT!!!! Im NOT saying you shouldn't use one i am just telling you what i don't waste my money on! :) 
3. Proffesionals say that it is best to use a comb for the hair instead of a brush...Well im sorry i have never used a comb in my life because guess what...My hair is very thick, curly and very hard to brush with a comb so no. What i do is, instead of untangling my hair while is wet i put after shower conditioner on it and just wait till it gets naturally dry. Then i brush it with my regular brush. If you have thin hairthen you can comb it but if you're hair is like mine then just wait for it to dry and then brush it. It is better that way because you are letting your hair soke in all that water which is great for your hair.
4. When you dye your hair wether it is in a light or dark color remember to do step one. Buy a good deep conditioner that will help your hair recover from the damage you just put it through. 
5. If you know how to do your own hair stuff then don't waste your time paying for someone else to do it for you. For example: Want a new hair color, treatment, or a new cut? If you know how to do any of these then do it yourself because a lot of times they will be the first ones to mess up your hair and you still have to pay them.  If you think you can do it but are scared you might mess up then do some research and learn it or practice it on a doll or a sibling. I do everything myself, cuts, dying my hair and everything else. I have never payed for any of those services :)
6. If you have long hair  remember that you will get a lot of split ends. Cut off the split ends just a little or buy a split end treatment which costs a lot. 
7. Don't wash your hair everyday im sure every one knows this!
8. If you want your hair to grow faster drink lots of water and vitamins. Biotin will help with this. The only problem with this vitamin is that it will make ALLLLLLL your hairs grow...If you know what i mean :)
Did i not answer any questions you had? Please feel free to ask me whatever it is you would like to know. I am not a proffesional but my mom went to school for hair, nails & makeup so i know a lot of tips and tricks and i get it all from her  ;)
Thank you guys for spending time with me
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