How I Lost My Baby Weight

December 2012, approximately one year after the birth of my triplets

Losing the baby weight can be difficult for a lot of moms, especially since we often don’t have time to exercise. After the birth of my children, I gained an additional 15 pounds on top of my pregnancy weight.

I had gained so much weight that I was unrecognizable to my family and friends. Initially, I liked the fuller me but after several months I decided I wanted my old body back.

Now, as a mom of triplets I didn’t have much time to exercise, but I found a way to lose 25 pounds over a 12 month period. Now I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into all my old jeans (which is a boon since I spent quite a bit of money on those jeans).

After losing my baby weight, April 2013


Clearly there are many theories on weight loss, but here’s what worked for me:

  •  Made going to the park part of my routine – Taking my kids to the park was good for them, but it was good for me too! Our trips to the park forced me to be active and forced me to use every part of my body.
  • Always went to the park a little further from my home – When you don’t have time to “exercise” you have to give yourself more opportunities to walk. So I always choose the park a little further from my home so I could walk more and burn extra calories.
  • Didn’t snack between meals – Skipping snacks was an easy way for me to lower my calorie intake.
  • Ate only two meals per day once a week – For me eating less food over the course of several months made the biggest difference. As a mom, I need to eat. I need to eat for energy and for my mood, but taking one meal out of my diet on a consistent basis helped me to lose the weight when I didn’t have time to exercise. 
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