Loreane Tomlinson: How I Raised a Professional Athlete

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By: Loreane Tomlinson, Mother of Pro Football Player and NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson

I’ve often been asked how I raised a champion. Was there a special diet I fed him? Was there a personal trainer and expensive equipment? Did I put him on a strict schedule?

The answer is no – but I supported him in whatever way I could.  It’s all about providing your child what they need to become the best they can be. I know from personal experience raising my son, LaDainian, that when you look at your athlete and see the passion they have for what they are doing, the one thing you have control over as a parent is the power to support and motivate them to be their personal best.

The truth is, I didn’t know I was raising a champion. All I knew was that he was my child and I loved him. So whenever anyone asks me to give advice on raising a champion, I say look for the dream that is within your child – and it is up to you to find that dream and nurture it.

Our journey together had its ups and downs.  LaDainian played a variety of varsity sports – basketball, baseball, track and field and, of course, football.  We talked a lot about focus – and I encouraged him to go with his heart to follow his dream – football – despite the coaches who said he’d never make it.

It’s so important to understand what your child needs to succeed.  For LaDanian, the naysayers simply motivated him.  Often, it’s heartbreaking, but I listened and followed his lead -- that’s what he needed from me.

As a parent you do your best to help your child become the best athlete and person they can be.

You can watch more of my story on helping LaDainian's journey by clicking here.  


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