How I Stole Into The Old Boys' Club & Discovered Their Secrets

This is a story shared by my friend Malvina who came over from Russia to US with her husband. I asked her to share her experience with   and how it helped her find a job.

Here is the story in Malvina's words:

I have had first hand experience of being successful through the step-by-step job finding tool which this site brings today. I have not received any payment for this story.

I arrived in San Francisco  from Nazran, Russian in June 1997 as a young excited  bride whose husband  had been sponsored for a much sought after work visa by his  software company during the IT boom. Soon we discovered  that the silicon valley was an expensive dream and it seemed that instead of sitting at home in a nice dress waiting for my "amant" to come home every evening, I could put those 5 hours (and my education)  to good use. Unlike other Russian husbands who would like to keep their wives in the house, my husband said  "it wouldn't hurt if you bring in some additional money".

My goodness!! What a shock I was in for, when I started looking for a job. My husband had found his job the easy way  - he had worked for the same company in Russian and they simply transferred him to US - and could not offer me any support.

After two years of working as a shop associate in different malls, I had resigned myself to my fate. The IT boom itself was fading and even my husband was never far from the pink slip.

In around Jan 2000, I gave up my job in the corner grocery store and started contemplating a journey back home to Nazran. Maybe I could raise bees on my fathers' farm I thought. Those were not happy days and we often debated if it had been worthwhile trying to make a living in this foreign country.

Fate had something better in store for me. During a recess in one of the  short-term accounting class I had enrolled for, a guy started talking to me. Wary at first, I asked him what he did. He said he was a consultant with PWC Consulting. When I shared my story with Alicia, he offered to take a look at my resume and see what he could do.

He came back with the  verdict. No Go. The resume was a bummer. However he offered to remake it for me. It took 3 weeks of intensive effort on his side and much jealousy on my husband's side who did not understand why I was spending all of my waking hous with this stranger. "Was I sleeping with the American", my husband joked one day. I did not find it funny and he ended with a hard slap on his face.  Those were tough days for me.

The "process" of making my resume turned out to be more than a rehash of a paper document. During those three weeks I learned about the templates and tools which are currently used by pofessionals, who are the recuiters to work with,  sentences which immediately touch a chord with the hiring managers.

This new friend of mine, Adam, did not offer me employment at his company.  But he walked me step-by-step to finding a job in America. He also ended up becoming my husband's best friend and our families are forever bonded in friendship.

I shared this story of mine so that if you are in the same boat as I was in you should not doubt your abilities. Do not lose confidence in yourself. The problem is not with you, you just don't know how to crack this "system". That's all.

Recently, my friend Adam told me that he (in  partnership with a few other friends) had created innovative apps which guide  people step-by-step, just as he had done my hand-holding. The power of technology lets him bring the secrets of Old Boys's club to a much larger audience.

You can check out these apps at I am positive that these innovative, simple and powerful apps will give you an definite edge in the job market.

Having had first hand experience of the success which is possible, I strongly recommend apps to you. This is not just for women or beginners. I have observed that even savvy professionals and sales people who sell products do not know how to position themselves for maximum results in the job market. I know that would be of great value for professionals, beginners and executives alike.

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