How I Successfully Went About Obtaining a Kidney from a Living Donor

Hopefully this will help others in need of a kidney.  I need one, and in two months of excessive proactivity, I just found a living donor.  To spread the word, I:
1. Participated my local Organ Procurement Organization's (OPO) events such as trade shows, workshops, information booths at hospitals, fundraisers, etc.
2. Educated my business and social networking groups by handing out flyers and donation registration forms, in addition to having them displayed in my office.
3. Hired someone to put together all of the info. I gave them about organ donation and my story on a web page: . On here, I explain the benefits of registering to be an organ donor, about the paired donor programs and about being a living donor. I sent the information to everyone in my email address book, asked them register with the web link(Texas has an on-line registry) and to forward my page and the request to register to everyone they know.
4. I made business cards with my OPO's web address and contact info., the web address for registering on-line and my own personal web page.

5.  Sent out press releases to my alumni association, local newspapers, all groups I participate in, both locally and nationally, my clergy, particularly on National Donor Sabbath, which is every November.

It worked so well, I had over 15 people offer to be tested for me, and found a match.  It was worth all of the effort, b/c with my "O" blood type, a cadaveric kidney would have taken 3-5 years to get.  My transplant will be at the end of March.

Feel free to email me from my web page if you have any questions.  If you need a kidney, you may also feel free to cut and paste the data I have gathered on my page, for a page of your very own.

Sincerely, Jody 


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