How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Many couples today use adult toys to help spice up their sex life. The problem is that many couples are very unfamiliar with their use and may find it difficult to discuss or introduce the concept. There's no shame in having an open discussion so that you both get a good idea of your thoughts on sex toys and any fears that you may have about introducing them into your relationship.

A great tip is to start out using various massage oils. Oils are not necessarily considered sex toys, but people love the feeling of being massaged with oil. It has dual benefits, your partners relaxes and it often causes arousal in both of you.

Our second recommendation is to play sex board games. These types of games teach you different positions and explore areas your sex life you may have never discovered before.

Now that you've opened your mind and are finding your relationship open more and more to experimentation, it's time for the third recommendation - vibrators. The first thing that you need to consider when considering purchasing a vibrator is what kind of stimulation you like. Do you to like direct clitoral stimulation? G-spot? If you're not sure, you should start with a vibrator that can be used both internally or externally for maximum pleasure. If direct stimulation turns you on, you should consider a "bullet" vibrator.Once you become comfortable using a vibrator and are ready to go a bit further, our suggestion would be to graduate to a "rabbit-style" vibrator.

The next suggestion is to add some spice into your life by adding costumes. These types of garments can include wigs, lingerie, sexy wear, and a variety of character costumes for role play. Use your imagination! Lingerie is a good way to begin and then you can move up to more creative costumes for more intense role playing.

It is important to have frequent, open discussions as you explore more and more exciting and enticing options in your sex life. We suggest sitting down together and viewing the various categories of a sex toy catalog. Viewing the types of toys and implements will open the discussion to other areas of interest and, as always.....only your imagination limits where this will take you!

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