How it Happened.

Two and a half years ago I started seeing this amazing man who was a friend in another life. We ate and drank and rocked-it-out all the time without a care in the world about where our food and drinks were coming from and what they were doing to our bodies. During our courting we both gained weight- not a lot, but enough to be feel uncomfortable and enough to have to buy some new clothes. JUMPING forward two years, Dad says to me, "I think I might be moving into a medium shirt! All of my shirts are large and they feel like they're too big. I can't believe that eating and drinking (homemade cider- I'll get to that story...) has caused me to lose weight." He gets comments from Noah's teachers about how good he looks, questions about what he's been doing, etc. 

His response? It's all due to Riann's cooking and the way we eat. 

My response was, "You're welcome babe, I told ya!" 

At first I thought it was about choosing. Choosing vegetarianism. No meat- more whole grains and vegetables will cause good things to happen like weight loss and less dead animals, right? No. Weight gain, feeling like crap because I wasn't getting enough energy from this plant based diet. Next step- choosing low-carb (LC) More meat (didn't matter if it was pastured, hormone free- yada yada), more vegetables less potatoes and rice- you get it. Mostly no. We dropped a few pounds here and there, but nothing significant and as LC goes, if you aren't diligent- you WILL gain it back and then some. What have we chosen? How are we living now?
*side note*
Since birthing Noah I have read and researched and researched and read of what could be the right way for us. Well, to be perfectly honest- unless we are hungover (sometimes I need a chicken biscuit) or really have no other choices- we are gluten free, organic and pastured- exclusively!

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