How to Keep Employees Happy and Healthy During Flu Season

The start of January may bring about a new year but with it comes a familiar drop in temperatures across the country, notorious for snatching employees up from their desks in the office and taking them back to their beds. Attendance is often lower at the office in colder months due to the weather making for difficult daily commutes, overall moods dipping post-holiday season, and contagious colds and coughs getting passed around the office. How can you work to help your employees happy and healthy and dipping into their sick leave days as little as possible? A few of my tried and true tips are included below!

Be accommodating. 

Life happens and weather happens. Even though the headquarters to my company is located in sunny Southern California, this still doesn’t stop us from getting drastic temperature drops in the early mornings and late at night. Sometimes we also experience terrible rainstorms and extremely windy days or traffic jams that can cause employees to arrive later than usual and I understand that. This isn’t a full season get out of jail free pass, but every now and then bad weather gets in the way and it’s important to be able to be as accommodating as possible with schedules when it happens. This keeps employees from dangerously rushing to get to work and clock in or causing them to feel stressed out all day about being able to pick their kids up on time.

Keep the mood light. 

With the weather against you and seasonal depression being a real issue that is statistically proven to be affecting varying percentages of your employees (depending on where you live) everyone will appreciate it if you can keep the overall mood in the office light and engaging.  Keep a pot of coffee warm in the mornings, put on some good music, and say hi and chat with your team each day.


Along with being uncomfortable and a bummer to drive in, the weather also increases your likelihood of catching an illness around this time of the year. Encourage employees to wash their hands frequently and keep bottles of hand sanitizer around the office along with a bottle of hand lotion - frequent use of sanitizer paired with cool winds do not make for soft hands!