How to Keep from Getting Distracted When You’re a Work at Home Mom

Being able to work from your domicile is such a blessing when you’re a mama. You can still get that paycheck you’re accustomed to and you get to spend a good part of the day, if not all day, with the kids too. Quality time aside though, it's still easy to get, and stay, distracted from the work you need to be doing. The next time you feel like your focus is pulling away from the job at hand, keep these tips in mind to stay on task when working from home.

Get dressed for work.

When you’re a full-time mommy, even a “full-time job” seems part-time in comparison. If you wake up, feed everyone, answer emails, drive the kids to daycare or school, work on an assignment, and do it all in the same sweatpants you slept in, it can seem like the mornings, days, and nights all sort of mesh together. Wake up and get ready for work as if you were actually going in to work. You don’t need to don a pencil skirt and heels, but simply putting on a nice pair of pants you like rather than your old baggy basketball shorts can really make all the difference in your productivity.

Create your own space.

There really is no “your own space” when you have kids - even the master bedroom has Barbies and squirt guns hiding under pillows and behind curtains. But it's crucial for work at home moms to have a designated work space apart from a relaxation spot. Don’t draft an important presentation on the couch. Set aside a desk , even if it’s in your living room or bedroom (you don’t need a separate office), that’s specifically for getting projects done and where you can place calls in relative silence without much interruption. Even your kids will grow to recognize this as “Mommy’s spot” where she goes to get the more pressing work deadlines taken care of. When you're in "your spot," pop in a movie for the kids, or set them up with one of their cleaner crafts (think coloring or Play-Doh).

Get a sitter when you need one.

Part of the joys of working from home is getting that precious time with your kids, but there comes a time when you really need to crack down on an assignment and plow through it on a deadline. If you have an especially large project due, or you just need a quiet day, it’s okay to get a sitter, or grandma, to stop by and take over for the day while you place the focus onto the work and ensure that the job gets done.