How to Keep Him Home

I saw an interesting conversation brewing on Twitter about keeping a man happy and at home, so that he does not stray to the next woman willing to please him in ways she thinks his woman is not.  Many times, women talk about how much they do not want to lose their man to some "ho" that is doing this and that to any and everyone's man; and they swear that theirs would not fall into this trap; however, on the flip side of this, many women are not willing to do the little things that men enjoy thoroughly to keep him from having wandering thoughts about what that alleged "ho" could do that you are not doing. So, upon reading several different tweets, it made me think:

What are some of the top ways to keep a man at home?

Well, here is what I came up with; as far as what I would think would be the foundation to making sure your man has no reason to even think about another woman satisfying him.

1. Do not lose sight of what got him into your home in the first place.

Most times, women will go all out at first.  You take an extra 30 minutes to get ready for date night, you cook him a romantic meal at home, you buy him little gifts that may seem trivial to you, but you know will make him smile, and the list goes on and on for most. The problem with this is, once you have achieved this feat, and he has established his place in your home, you tend to slip into a level of comfort. Your appearance on your usual dinner date has dropped down to just casual, you're ordering in more than cooking and even the one we tend to want to ignore, the weight begins to gain. Now, do not be alarmed; we are all human and this has happened to us before, even me, but the key is to not be too comfortable for too long. My remedy to prevent this is to always remember what got you where you are in the first place. Always revert back to those first couple of months, most people like to call it the "honeymoon phase", where everything that glitters is gold. When date night is approaching, pamper yourself. Get your hair, nails and feet done, wax or shave, even go to the spa; make it like it is your very first date with this man and you want to be that showstopper he fell head over heels for. Make your nights more intimate by cooking his favorite meal. Sit by candlelight, or cook in his favorite lingerie for an unexpected surprise ;). If weight is beginning to become an issue (for you, him or both), work out together, play a sport, become kids again and run around the park to get your exercise, but make it FUN! Buy him a special gift and leave it on his side of the bed, or in his bag when he goes to school/work. Whatever it was that hooked him before, make it an effort to keep those same things a consistent piece of the pie that is your relationship. Never let the little things go.

2. Be his woman in public, and his freak in private. SERIOUSLY!

Now, this portion may get a little gritty, but I'm here to deliver the real deal. You may not see it out right, but there are scandalous women out in this world, fiending for a good man, and they will not hesitate to scoop yours from under your nose! With this being said, I personally live by the philosophy to keep my hip in top condition, so that the only place my man even thinks about is H.O.M.E. Being a woman in public is usually the easier part for most. You are basically being that classy, sexy, smart, down to earth and outgoing woman that your man is proud to brag about to his friends and family. You are the woman whom his parents adore, and the woman his friends wish they had in their own lives. Your man may even like a little string of a 'hood chick' on occassion; however, that is not the personality you want to display 100% of the time.

Now, this is where most women (in my personal opinion), could lose their man if they are not careful. A freak in private implies just that; a F.R.E.A.K!


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