How to Keep Track of Your Child's Medicines!

Is your child ill? Are you juggling different medicines? 
Trying to keep track of which child has had which medicine?

How to keep track of medicines
Last week was a bit of a toughie - for all of us!! It mainly consisted of no sleep, a plethora of medicines, no sleep, doctor’s appointments, no sleep, no food, no sleep, no water and did I mention no sleep!!....
Sprout’s House was hit by another wave of germs which nearly took us all down. Not content with having chicken pox at the start of March Sprout rounded the month off with a raging chest/ear infection.
At the beginning of the week, I headed off to London on a course leaving a slightly lethargic Sprout lying on the sofa. She made it into pre-school on Monday morning before succumbing to a temperature by midday and having to be rescued by her Daddy. I arrived home on the Tuesday afternoon to find a rather subdued Sprout and a rather tired Daddy both of whom were suffering from a serious lack of sleep after two nights of coughing and spluttering. Another sleepless night followed, by which time Sprout wasn’t eating and barely drinking so off we went to the doctor who diagnosed a chest infection and possibly an ear infection too.
We left having been prescribed a hefty dose of antibiotics alongside the Calpol and Nurofen that she was already taking. And this is the crux of the post….after a limited amount of sleep my ability to juggle three different types of medicine was pretty non –existent. 
Keeping track of medicines
I ended up keeping a record of what I had given her and when on the kitchen black board as well as using the back of an envelope to keep a note of how much water I had syringed into her mouth. Not particularly effective as I kept forgetting to update both! So with that in mind, I have devised a Medicine Record sheet to help me keep up with the medicines that I have given Sprout. 

How to keep track of medicines

The week ended with both Sprout’s Daddy and I fighting a losing battle against Sprout’s germs – although we are all on the mend now. It is certainly the most ill I have ever seen her and has beaten chicken pox hands down in terms of severity. Here’s hoping that the arrival of Spring, and fingers crossed some warmer weather, will give us all some renewed energy and vigour!! 

I hope you are all feeling well. If not, please feel free to download my Medicine Sheet to help you juggle all those medicines. Leave your survival tips in the comments below!!
Sprout’s House


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