How to Keep Your Work Space Festive All Year Round

Now that the holiday season has been over for a few weeks and all of the decorations have been packed up to use next year, it’s easy to notice that office desks look a little less festive than what we all got used to in December. Desk decorations add an element of fun to working in the winter months leading up to spring and can also serve as helpful motivation to making the day and the task at hand pass by quickly as well as help us retain our focus.

Skip a bare desk with these three tips on what you should keep in your workspace to help keep it creative and festive all year round.

1) A picture’s worth a thousand words.

A piece of desk decoration that should never go out of style is framed or pinned photos of your friends and loved ones. Whether you go the classy black and white photo/mahogany frame route or put up dozens of neon pinned pictures on a corkboard, there is nothing like having a picture of someone you love or look to for inspiration staring back at you while you perform your daily tasks to remind you why it is you work so hard in the first place.

2) Bring some of the outdoors in.

Live plants or flowers are always a nice touch to add to an office cubicle. It’s refreshing to have something on your desk that smells fragrant, especially during the wintertime. Plus, getting up to water the plant or flower bouquet once a day makes for a nice break to stretch your legs with. And if you weren’t exactly born with a green thumb, don’t fret - a faux plant can still give just the right amount of outdoorsy pizzazz your space needs.  

3) Keep things organized.

Besides decorating your desk and the cubicle walls around you, a great way to feel recharged after the holidays are over is to keep your work space clean and organized. Try to limit the flurry of paperwork kept out on your desk. File things away when you can and throw away what’s not needed! To help with this, be sure to keep a recycling bin in close proximity to your desk. It’s a lot more difficult to sit down and get your day started at a hectic desk than it is in a clean space. Let your desk breathe!