How the Kindle Simplfied My Life


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My house has been taken over by books! I am a bookaholic and there just isn't any place to put anymore books. They are in boxes, in corners, on sheves, in drawers and closets. I don't read all these books, at least not from cover to cover, but you never know when you might need this or that for whatever. Right? I think this is the teacher/writer/coach mentality in me that needs all these resources.


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The best solution I could come up with was the KINDLE. I love it! I could download 3500 books if I wanted to. I don't forsee this happening but who knows what the future holds. Amazon has a huge selection and adding more all the time. I can even request that a specific book be added to Kindle if it's not an e-book at this time. The Nook is also a good choice as I have a friend with one. It is now associated with Books a Milion as well as Barnes and Noble, AND my understanding is you can go to any website(other than Amazon) and download e-books. This makes the selection for the Nook absolutely enormous!

So to simplify my life the Kindle was a great investment at $139.00 and will pay for itself over and over within 6 months I'm sure. By the way the books shown are books that I have read or hope to in the near future.  Also, I'd be interested in what you think about the Kindle.



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