How to: Knowing yourself

"...we have an underlying character comprised of many layers which need to be explored."


 I'm someone who usually writes about Beauty, interviews people within the industry and on occassion blogs delicious recipes from all around the world. I'm also someone who spent most of their teenage years questioning who I was - everything from identity, to personality was a permenant fog in my mind. I hear people constantly asking 'who am I?', or 'how do I definte myself as an individual?', and even if they aren't specifically asking these things they're niching themselves into boxes that they really should be breaking free from.


'I'm a strong woman'

'I'm a  goth'


These things may be true and we do all make statements like these, but beyond being a strong woman of any colour, beyond belonging to any type of social group; we have an underlying character comprised of many layers which need to be explored.


I'm going to do write a series of posts dealing with common issues and misconceptions - not only defining what it means to 'know yourself' but actually sharing my path to self acceptance and in turn self confidence. Feel free to comment, share ideas and thoughts - I'm always open to constructive criticism.

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