There are many articles which talk about how to prevent your career from ruining your relationship – but what about letting a relationship ruin your career?

We’ve all been there. Relationships that are less than a Disney fairytale.

It can all be put down to life experience, but the danger is in letting a bad relationship ruin your career, or at the very least damage your reputation at work. 

It’s understandable to be upset after an argument or a breakup  - but think about it – is your boss really going to care?

If you’ve got a great boss – they might care on a personal level, but when it comes down to the crunch, you need to know how to switch off and focus on your job as soon as you walk in the building.

Your boss is not paying you to moan and groan about your boyfriend. You owe it to your employer to do the best job you can.

Not convinced? Then here are 4 ways to let a bad relationship ruin your career. It’s what NOT to do.

1. Text them at work. If you text them, not only are you wasting time crafting a text message but then you’re wasting time thinking about when they are going to text back. And then if they text back something less than ideal, well then that requires another message or puts you in a bad mood.

2. Talk about them at work. Not only does it get your mind focused on other things or in a negative space, but it leaves a bad impression on your colleagues and boss if that is all you ever talk about. Sometimes the best response to, “how was your weekend,” is “good”, not “oh my gosh you’ll never guess what Jack did.”

3. Think about them at work. It’s hard to do but you need to stop putting them front of mind. Perhaps it can be better to take a mental health day if you’ve had a particularly bad experience, instead of forcing yourself through a day of work.

4. Stay in the relationship. If you’re fighting all the time no matter how much you do all the above, you’re still going to be carrying emotional baggage around. Think about whether it’s really worth it at the end of the day. Work should be work, not a relationship. 

Now it’s time to confess. I don’t need names but please share – have you ever been in a situation where you were in danger of letting your relationship ruin your career?