How Life Skills are Super Powers

I was asked the question: If you were a superhero, what would be your hidden superpower?

My superpowers seem to be a bit diverse. I’m not sure what I would pick to be the one I’d be stuck with forever.

   The first superpower seems to be that I can make a meal out of practically nothing. All too often, I’ve gone to fix supper and found “Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards” in my kitchen. (if you don’t remember the nursery rhyme, you’ll have to look it up!) 

   However, my family has never gone to bed hungry. I’ve always been able to turn a few leftovers, some noodles and a bit of something into a meal. Now, granted, the meal isn’t always worthy of blue ribbon awards, but it is edible.


  The second superpower is an ability to have complete strangers tell me their innermost thoughts. There are times when I’ve felt that I must have “tell me your secrets” tattooed across my forehead. I’m pretty sure the confessions I’ve heard have not all been shared with a priest. And I don’t remember ever starting a conversation by asking “What’s something you need to tell me?”

   I’ve heard about people’s diets, unfaithful spouses, special recipes, family dinners, problem children, you name it. I’m sure you’ve heard those stories too, but I’ll bet mostly from friends and family members. Not somebody sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Not from the lady in line at the checkout counter. Not from the bank teller.


   The third superpower has to be a complete inability to balance a checkbook. Honestly, no matter what I do the numbers never work out. I write in the check amounts when I pay bills. I save my receipts from the store cashiers. I keep my ATM withdrawal notes. I write all those things down. But my math allergy kicks in when I pull out the calculator and the bank statement.

   Thank goodness I am married to a wonderfully detailed man. My husband has not only straightened out my bank balances, he’s been able to decipher my short hand. You know, groc equals groceries, wd equals withdrawal,  util equals city utilities.

   He has taken over the accounting responsibilities at our house and while he doesn’t particularly enjoy them, he is much better suited to the task than I am. At least I don’t break out in hives on a monthly basis now!


   I think my fourth superpower is one that all parents have. It’s the innate communication skill developed by raising children. I can tell when a child is lying. I can understand mumble and chew. I can make Halloween costumes out of old clothes. I can walk through a disaster area bedroom and wake a teenager from slumber. I can listen to trials and tribulations of school, and know when to offer advice and when to keep my mouth shut.


Do I have to pick one superpower to capitalize on? I sure hope not, as they have all served great purpose in my life. I’m not certain of the actual purpose. But I do know they make me the person I am and I’m good with that! If nothing else, my life is a continuing adventure!

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