How To Live Like A Muppet

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The new Muppet movie was just released and their marketing has been all over everything from OPI nail polish to Wired magazine for weeks to build hype. It’s been the ridiculous kind of blatant overmarketing that usually drives me nuts. And yet here I am, shamelessly contributing to it.

But I can’t help it. I love it. I just love the Muppets.

Courtesy of Disney

There is something so unique and special about the Muppets. And I don’t just mean how a character’s entire town breaks into song and dance whenever he has the whim. The Muppets are the perfect mix, a pinch of playful parody blended with a generous heaping of optimism and quirky characters.

...And so, without further ado, my five-step guide to living like a Muppet.


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