How to Live Well Without Owning a Car

You might tell yourself, Self, this can't be possible*. But it is. Somehow. Yes, even in Los Angeles where freeways are parking lots and people only take jobs on their respective side of the hill to save time and gas money. (I should know, I just turned down a sweet gig for that exact reason. No joke). With the soaring rise of gas prices, maybe journalist (and my good friend) Chris Balish is onto something.
(Fast-forward to 0:57)

The author of How to Live Well Without Owning A Car recently appeared on CNN's Morning Express to tell Robin Meade how Americans in major cities and rural areas alike can save literally thousands of dollars each year by selling their cars or at least going "car lite" to cut down on unnecessary driving where and when possible. (He even took the 304 metro to get from his apartment in Santa Monica to CNN's Hollywood studio for the interview!) He may be crazy but at least he has money left over to go out to nice dinners and concerts without worrying about his rent check bouncing. Hey Chris, you do have my number!

When this town rips the bones from your back as it is, your car shouldn't be a death trap or a suicide rap. While I won't give up my most blessed Malibu Barbie Jeep just yet, I can at least take solace knowing Howard and Bruce are looking after me via satellite somewhere out there.

*Shout out to John Galvin, Northern Highlands Regional High School, Math Department, Allendale, NJ

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