How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

When you want to make an important change in your life - a surefire way to fail is to view it as temporary. As in, "After I lose 20 pounds I can go back to eating what I want." The hold your breath method. This sets up the change as something to endure and get through instead of to enjoy and experience. Viewing your new behavior as something temporary will ensure that it is. Approaching a change as ongoing and valuable will increase your chances of being effective.

On the other hand, a good time to hold your breath and count to 10 is when you are flooded with emotions. If you feel like screaming, becoming violent or reacting only on a physical level - a short time out will give your brain more time to process and sort information. To produce a more positive and appropriate response to what you are experiencing. To be calm, move on and be heard.
Ahhhhhhhh, sweet breathing space.

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