How to maintain your audience 3 tips for bloggers


The expressions of your words can send some what of a mixed signal to your audience if it is not projected in the right tone. What readers consider to be poor tones in writings can mean what to you? If you can't answer this question right off the bat than allow me to guide you through these 10 steps that will help you maintain your audience and gain more readers for your blog. 


1. Make sure you are doing your research on the topic that you are writing about whether it is of importance to what you want to write about. examples are as follows! 

Bank of Amercia has been hijacking interests rates from thousands of Americans for the past 2 decades. 

You want to back up your findings whether it be from a third party source you want to make sure that you cite the person that has written the original article. You want to display it like so Jane Doe. "Financial Devleper  "Author of Don't let America fall"." 2012. Online.

2. You always want to make sure that if you are publishing your blog post on the same day or if you're setting it for a future date you want to make sure that you link your post to all of your social net works. Here are some of the most popluar plugins for wordpress.

1. Shareaholic

2. Share Bar

3. Tweet old post 

4. CommentLuv

5. Social Media Tabs

6. About the author advance 

7. Share and get it 

8. WP Pinterest


3. You always want to make sure that you keep your audience up to date with updates of what is to come of your blog and event ect. A good way of obtaining a steady flow of this is to purchase a monthly usage of socialoomph this platform allows to update your social networksdays in advance with just one click of your mouse. 


By followng the steps above you will gain a more frequent audience which will lead to more readers .


If you have any future question or need any help with blogging tips please send me an email

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