How to Make a Living as a Crafter

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Strategy #1: Sell

Naughty Secretary Club jewelry

How many times have you heard, “Hey, you should start selling those!” about something you made? Maybe all those people are right. I’ll be honest: With the advent of Etsy, the market for handmade goodies has become a lot more saturated than it once was. Since the barrier to entry for running an online craft business has been lowered, there is a lot more competition out there. That being said, it has also never been easier to open your own online craft store.

And online is just one way to sell your handmade soap, dolls, art, or what have you. Are there shops in your town that might be interested in taking out a wholesale order with you? Do you have any craft shows, even seasonal ones, in your town, and would you consider getting a booth? When I made jewelry for my company, Naughty Secretary Club, I was doing all three. Again, it is a lot of work, but it's one way to turn your side business into your full-time business.


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