How to Make a Paper Pumpkin

It's almost October so I'm posting my first pumpkin of the season. A classy paper pumpkin! Get your scissors ready because this craft is not only gorgeous but also quite easy.

I kept my paper pumpkin simple. You could easily paint the edges of the paper with gold paint or something pretty though. Scroll down for the tutorial.

You will need a book that you are no longer reading, (hard cover or paperback - doesn't matter) scissors, a pen, a branch from outside, and a glue gun.

Now, before we get started I am going to give a little speech to all the people out there who are about to call me a horrible book killer. Listen folks, not all books are created equal. Not all "writers" should be called "authors". This book was awful. Horrible. Seriously bad. I am not going to tell you the name of the book, but let's just say I will get much more joy out of it being a pretty little pumpkin than I will ever get from it being the wretched book it once was : ) Now carry on ... 

Using your scissors, gently cut the cover of the book.
Be careful not to cut the binding that holds the pages together. 

Cut the bottom portion of the cover off as well and set aside.

Your pages should all still be intact. Now using a pencil, draw a half circle as close to the edge of the pages as possible. My first line wasn't close enough so I drew another half circle. Cut along your half circle on your first page. This will be your guide for the rest of the pages.

Now start cutting the rest of the pages along your half circle. You can cut multiple pages at one time so it speeds up the process.

Cut away any uneven pieces so you have smooth edges. 

Alright, now it's time to heat up your glue gun. While it's getting hot, fan out your book. Separate the pages as much as possible.

Now it's time to glue the first page of your book to the last page of your book. If you have  a particularly long book, you can glue 3 or 4 pages together to ensure it doesn't peel apart. 

Isn't it a beauty? Now grab a stick from outside. A thicker stick works best. This is going to be our stem. Break off the stem so it's about 4 inches long. 

Hot glue the stick right into the middle of your paper pumpkin. 

And there you have it! If you make this craft be sure to email me a picture at!


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