How to Make Potty Training Fun NOW

Want to flush your toilet training frustrations away?

Here’s a list of activities to make your children enjoy potty time.

Of course, all little ones are wired differently so what’s fun for Tiny Tim may not be for little Ms. Muffet. But we’re sure there’s something for everybody.

Ways to Make Potty Training FUN


1. Creative stories. Tell your child the potty is hungry and has an appetite for pee and poop. Regina of the Crazy Nuts Mom instructs us on how to do this:

You have to pretend you are the potty talking saying (in a deep voice)  I’m hungry, I need to eat your pee pees and poo poo. 

And when you flush you gotta say, in the same deep voice, yum yum thank you.

2. Rip it up! Keep a stash of used paper wherever the potty is and tear away. This encourages fun potty visits.

3. Target practice. Clearly more for boys, place cereal inside the potty so your kiddo has something to aim for while relieving his bladder.

4. Magic water. Put blue or red coloring in the toilet so when your child pees on it, it turns green or orange, respectively.

5. Pull a friend. Whether it’s teddy, a doll or a truck, having a toy accompany your kiddo just makes potty time better.

6. Poop gazing. If you can stomach staring at poop, ask your child what shapes they look like. You may even designate a mom, dad and baby poop.


It’s gross but hey, it might work for some. Besides, children are naturally curious and we’re sure they’ve looked at their own poop at some point.

7. Song and dance number. Make your own potty song and dance to rejoice whenever the toilet trainee has done a good job.

8. Books / DVDs. There are a number of books and DVDs about potty training which can help your child become better acquainted with the potty. Make use of them.

9. “A” bag of picks. Put inexpensive toys in a small pouch and have your child pick one item after a successful potty visit.


10. Other rewards. Rewards have always been great incentives so here are a few things you can do:

  • Sweets. If you don’t give your child a lot of this, it can work wonders. Use sparingly.
  • Stickers. The oldest trick in the book but one that often works. What kid doesn’t love filling a chart with stickers after each successful potty visit? (Yours? Oh okay, then continue reading below.)
  • Stamps.  Notice how pre-schools use this technique? It must work well then!
  • Special event. A certain number of potty visits can be turned into a treat. What it is, the kiddos will have to find out – after they visit the potty a few times that is.
  • Custom reward. Find something your child is into and use that as encouragement to form the potty habit. A clever mom shared on Baby Center that she made her daughter use washable nail polish every time her potty trainee peed, then made a new deal: if the kiddo pooped, she can get the more permanent nail polish. It worked like a charm.

11. Bonus: Be supportive. Potty training can be frustrating enough so don’t add to it by reprimanding your kiddo for accidents or not wanting to go pee or poop. Besides…

“You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar.”


Got any cute toilet training tips of your own? Share it with us so other moms reading this can use it to make potty time a fun time 

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