HOW TO: Make your manicure last all week

Happy Manicure Monday!

To switch things up a bit - this week's tutorial is how to make your manicure last all week with minimal chips. And no - it's not by doing one of those wretched shellac or gel manicures that wrecks havoc on your nails. 

File your nails like you normally do. Make sure to gently (key word) buff over the tops of nails after all polish is removed making sure to smooth away any rough spots you may get near your cuticles. The light buff over your nails almost acts like a foundation to make the base coat adhere to your nails. I use one of those colored block files to gently buff the top of my nails.

For the last 20 years, I've used Nailtiques Nail Formula Protein 2 Plus as my base/top coat. Nailtiques has several different number types - I find 2 Plus to be the best.  It's a little on the pricey side.  A small 0.25 ounce bottle is id="mce_marker"0 but sooooo well worth it.

Apply Nailtiques as your base coat, apply two layers of polish and then finish with a top coat.  Make sure to allow each layer of polish to adequately dry before applying the next layer. 

The next day - a full 24 hours later - add a second top coat.  I'm convinced combining this second top coat with Nailtiques is the secret.  The manicure in this post is 6 days old.  I washed dishes (without gloves cuz girlfriend has no dishwasher). Walked the dog.  Was on the computer all day, every day typing away.  Cleaned the house.  Did laundry.  I did not baby my hands in way and yet six days later - my nails were looking might fine!

Happy Manicure Monday ladies!!

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