How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out from The Crowd

Online dating is now bigger than ever. That's great because what was once niche is now mainstream. You've got tons of options to look at when entering the online dating arena. However, it has also become a competitive market. That means you need to work harder to get yourself noticed.

Let's face it, prospects for men in online dating are arguably harder than for women. At least, there are normally far more men subscribed to any particular site. That means there's loads of competition and it can be hard to get noticed. The truth is, many women simply log-on to find hundreds of messages in their inbox. Most of them get sent straight to the trash can. First impressions are important, and you need to put some effort in to get yourself noticed. We're going to look at some of the best ways of helping you get noticed and improving your response rate.

Get great pictures

You profile pictures are going to be the first thing anyone looks at, so they need to be good. Most people make impulsive, snap decisions when deciding if they find you attractive or not. Good profile pictures are a necessity.

You might want to employ a professional photographer to give you some additional help. Good quality photos with the right lighting can make all the difference in improving your level of attractiveness.

Action photos are also good. Instead of boring formal poses, try and stand out from the crowd by including photos of you doing something fun and exciting. After all, people looking for potential dates will want to have fun, so show them that you're the guy they've been looking for. Fun or exciting hobbies such as paint-balling or skydiving can add life to tired and traditional profiles. A selection of photos is even better.

Be short and sweet

Sometimes people are bombarded with too much information. Don't write too much in your profile. Keep it light-hearted, fun, simple and to the point. Nobody wants to read an essay. Leave enough clues to make people who are interested want to ask for more. Sell yourself, but don't go on and on. That's a real turn off for most.

Tailor your messages appropriately

Far too many people send copy+pasted stock messages in some sort of spamming exercise. This is easy to spot and you won't get many responses. Pick something personal from your target's profile and say something about it. It might take longer, but your response rate should improve dramatically. Again, don't say too much. Be short and flirty. Don't get downhearted by a few rejections either, keep going and you should find something that works for you.

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