10 Simple Ways to Green Your Pantry

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[Editor's note: If you want to eat green -- but don't know where to start -- Lydia Walshin at The Perfect Pantry offers 10 easy tips to get you on the road to eco-friendly dining at home. -- Siel]

How to make your pantry a green(er) pantry

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I'd call my pantry greenish. Not perfect, but more environmentally aware than it used to be, and getting greener every year.

In celebration of the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, which has now grown into Earth Month, here are ten ideas to make your pantry more environment-friendly:


1. Keep your pantry well stocked, and shop for pantry ingredients efficiently. Plan meals around what you have on hand. Running to the store for one ingredient isn't efficient or ecological, especially if, like me, you live five miles from the nearest market. Shop with reusable bags. My local market gives me five cents.

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