How to Manage a Temp Team for Your Project

You have a big project coming up. Really big. It is definitely going to take some planning. So where do you start? Start at the end, as in, what is the final goal. What objectives are you trying to achieve? Then plot your path to get there. 

With a project this big, you will probably need some help. Perhaps you will need experts who have skills beyond those of your existing team. Or maybe you just need more people to carry out the work quickly. A staffing company can help with both of these things by quickly filling in your ranks as necessary. But how to smoothly drive your project forward?  Here are some tips:

  • Start by creating a schedule. This will help you align your budget and explain expectations to your new team. Knowing your timing and your budget makes it easier to line up talent. A staffing company can help with this because they know everyone and if they don’t they will find them. They can do it within your budget, too. They can let you know who can work with that timeframe and produce the level of results you want.
  • Your team is in place, now let’s provide checkpoints. Make sure to touch base with every person on your team as you go. In the event that someone is falling short of expectations, tell the staffing company immediately. Typically, they can replace them swiftly and you can keep to your timeline. Did I mention that you need checkpoints? Keep checking in throughout the project, both with your team and with the staffing company. It is ultimately your project, so don’t let confusion or misunderstandings derail things mid-way through.
  • Empower others to utilize their skill set. You may be paying top-dollar for some fantastic talent. Guide them, challenge them, and don’t be afraid to let them impress you. In most cases, people can offer you more then you expect if you just ask.
  • Over-communicate. Communication is the ultimate tool in your toolbox to get the results that you want from your team. Always be clear on the schedule and the expectations. Provide feedback on work completed; articulate what the next steps are and what the latest results should be. By following these tips, the end result of your big project should equal a job well done. 


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