How Many Fingers...?

Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

My grocery store has a policy where they give you 3 cents back for every reusable bag you use instead of plastic.

Usually I bite my tongue and try to keep my indignation at the inadequacies of the educational system in check when the youngsters struggle to navigate their way through their three times tables.
But not long ago the manager was ringing me up, so I thought I wasn't going to have to stress over the lack of rudimentary math skills.
And plus? I had an even 10 bags.
So you can imagine my horror when this GROWN A** WOMAN
counted on her fingers
to calculate 3 x 10.

I'm not making this up, people.
My special-needs, learning support, reading at a third grade level teenager could handle that math problem without resorting to body parts.
But hey, you know, why bother spending money in schools? What's wrong with closing school after school after school and consolidating and overcrowding and passing kids along without making sure they learn anything?
That's what they make calculators for, right?
Instead of directing more of our tax dollars to our schools, let's earmark money to implanting calculators in people's wrists, so we never have to add or multiply in our heads. That's soooo old school, and this is the age of technology, after all.

aftr all, no 1 botherz w splling n gramr nymor so why bother w math? sch a waste of time....


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