How many young women suffer with Self-Image?

Our society will just about drive you crazy making you feel as if your not good enough in some sort of way. Whether it is because you fail to financially keep up with modern technology, fashion, or physical upkeep. It's interesting to look at magazines and watch how celebrities change their entire image. Along with their image, their personality. If a young teenage girl or boy for that matter struggles with self image, have you seriously thought about where that stems from? Its pretty obvious. Of course it is most formed by family members, the people they interact with on a daily basis. Although school, work, sports, and or clubs youth participates in has a huge impact on daily function. I am not good with statistical percentaging or anything, but watching and going through life teaches you quite a bit. 

I am 19 and have struggled with self image since I can remember. I, like a lot of young girls had the parents that always complimented my physical appereance. But before I get into the effects of outside judgements that affected my life, I realized something significant since maturing. My own mother struggled and still struggles with self image even in her late 30's. My mom is the sort of woman to encourage you dispite her own conflicts with something. Like the way you see yourself. My mother tried to make me feel and believe I was the prettiest girl in the world. Even if inside herself she didn't feel as strongly. You can sense when something is sincere compared to when it is not. I believe now that I am older my mother meant all the supportive things she said to me. As I child I struggled with it. I felt a parent had to tell their child sweet nothings. As if it was their job. Growing up I watched my mom struggle with how see seen herself, I listened to her put herself down. Regardless as to how much she preached I do different it was hard not look at myself and call out my own flaws. You can teach someone one thing, some will go with it, and some will be like me and listen to what I hear but go off of what I see. I live in conflict even now with trying to feel differently about myself than I do. Loving yourself is deeper than only seeing beauty when you pretty youself up. 

What about still seeing your beauty when you gain 30 pounds from pregnancy? Or when you have a acne break out from stress. What about loving yourself even after someone you love left you for someone that met more of their "physical standard"? Can you love yourself then? These are things I've been through, live through. THIS is something not only I struggle with, but women all over the world. How do you truly learn to love yourself for who you are even if you dont fit up to societies standards? When I say "societies standards", I think about how the world is affected by what they see. How many kids get made fun of in school because their parents can afford the latest fashion, whereas some kids parents get them what they can. Sadly, as kids most of us don't think about how it truly does not matter that our clothes may not say "Coogi, or Air Jordan". We don't realize that it is enough to have just simple CLOTHING. That fits, keeps us warm, and comfortable. Some parents literally live beyond their means just so that their kids can wear the latest J-lo jeans or Lebron tennis shoes. Instead of teaching them to budget their money, your teaching them to always worry about keeping up with the latest trend.

How many young girls have you seen with eating disorders? I went to Overland High School, and in my 3 years going there I watched many girls struggle with weight. I left school and completed my GED based on my experience at Overland. Never in my life have I seen so many boosy kids. There were literally clicks of kids that dressed with the latest fashion, compared to clicks that were considered to be nerds, whores, etc. This school is where I truly seen how MANY boys AND girls experience self image insecurity. Its where I seen how the way the most popular rap songs and artist have influence over societies kids. Sadly, even how parents go out of their way to make sure their child can keep up WITH the latest of EVERYTHING. The ones struggling with self image are not just the ones less fortunate. I believe it is even worse for the ones who are fortunate enough to have materialistic things. In reality they must have to suffer the worst. Provided that if they have not gotten the latest pair of shoes or jewerly they get crusified for it.  Yet they still try anyway.

Our society as well as who surrounds us has always and always will have a huge impact on us. But somehow for those of us that feel less worthy have to find an alternative. When you become an adult and have kids of your own, you can either continue to stress on keeping up with everyone elses standards or live your own. I myself have struggled with wanting to have more materialistic items, fit in the latest jeans that wear a size 8, or even have the newest iphone. But provided that you have the basics, wear a size 14, or have a phone from two years ago. I want to believe as well others that I am just fine. Worthy of acceptance and not judgement. That I am a human being and that all that is just a fasade. As a young woman coming up in society, I'd like to have peace of mind with myself. But frankly, knowing all that I know I still struggle. How can we as young men and women break that sick cycle?


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