How The Mom Con Can Build Your Community

You often hear the word "community" being said when people talk about the place where they live. That is what I always thought it to be as well. But, that is only one definition of community. When I became a mom, a blogger, and a business owner, and the word community takes on a different meaning when you look at from those perspectives. A community for me now means, a group of people who come together where they feel that they belong, and can draw strength and identity from. In the "mom phase" of my life, as I like to call it, I have found it imperative to find a community of other moms that I can connect with on my level. Women that I can trust, and share my experiences with. I feel that as moms, we owe it to each other to show up, and be ourselves. We only gain the best from others when that happens. We need to be real. But, with real, comes scary. It is showing who you are, the mom that you are, and the person you want to be accepted for. Sometimes while being real is hard; finding a community that you can be authentic in, is even harder. This is why we are bringing you The Mom Con. The Mom Con Speakers What is The Mom Con you ask? The Mom Con, yes, is a conference for moms, in so many words. But, looking at it through a larger lens, it is a community driven by real moms coming together with moms on their level. The Mom Con came from the concept that there are two sides to every mom. That is so very true, and we have found that both sides need acceptance and support outside of their family. You have the side that wants to be there for your children, of course. Then there is this side of you, that wants to take a shot at building what your passion is. We are millennium moms. Hybrid moms. We are connected in so many ways, not just online. AND, We are the demographic that everyone wants to get in front of. There are some many moms who need to explore their dreams to feel more fulfilled as a woman. So we wanted to create a space where you could actually do that. The Mom Con is a weekend that is made for you to connect, offline, with real moms, doing real things. Our speakers are moms who have worked to build businesses to show their children the value of hard work, and believing in your dreams. They are women who have sacrificed things to have their children see what a strong mother can do. Our hopes are that you can come away with ideas to grow your passion. It doesn't have to be a business. It could your passion to do more charity work, to get healthier and stronger, or even how to open up to meet other moms. This is going to be more than conference. It will become your community. A community where you can find strength, and maybe identify with the person that you were before becoming a mom, if that is what you need to find. My business partner and founder, Natalie and I, can't wait to meet you! We hopefully have created an event that will grow bigger and bigger every year with your help. So, my friends, here is what I ask of you. If you are thinking about ways to breakout of your shell, learn about ways that you can better yourself, and most importantly, make connections that could last a lifetime, then register to spend the day with us on November 15th. (click here to register) I am also so excited for you to hear from 15 other local bloggers in the Pittsburgh area over the next several weeks! Each will share stories about different aspects of the conference, and what you can take away from it. WE ARE ALSO DOING GIVEAWAYS!! Each blogger will be giving 2 tickets away for you and another mama to spend the day with us! Here is my giveaway which ends next Wednesday before the next article will run. GOOD LUCK MAMAS! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! a Rafflecopter giveaway

from our hearts to yours, NICOLE & NATALIE

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