How To Motivate Yourself To Start The Business Of Your Dreams

Being an entrepreneur is a hard and often times terrifying job. It involves taking a good amount or risks (some of which can seem to be complete gambles at the time), and being dilligent and focused on completing a constant workload. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never leave work at home because your work is your passion, making your passion and personal life one and the same.

That all being said, it’s easy to see why a potential entrepreneur with a dream business in mind may be hesitant to take the initial jump to become a business owner. There are a lot of "what if" scenarios that are easy to dwell on and the fear of failure also proves to be a big procrastinator to starting a business. But if the dream you have sets a fire in your heart and you have the resources to begin the adventure of a lifetime, owning your own business can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Here are three ways to motivate yourself to start the company you’ve always wanted to:

Gain Support.

Even if you’re in the very beginning stages; you simply have an idea you can’t get out of your head - run it by your friends and family. Tell them what you love about this business idea, why you want to execute it, and why you think the world needs your business right now. Not only are you gaining emotional support, but saying your idea aloud over and over will just make it more of a reality to you, and will increase the likelihood of it actually happening.

Make a plan.

At this point, you don’t need to go into full business plan mode, but making some light, even if temporary, decisions will help you to feel more confident in getting the ball rolling. Even if you just find yourself enjoying a nice latte at your local coffee shop, scribbling some bullet points about business ideas, writing down an idea is always the first step!

Give yourself a pep talk. Every day.     

This last one is the most important. The difference between having a dream and making it a reality is having the confidence to do so. You must believe in your business venture, and most importantly, in yourself if you ever want to see anything come of your business. Too many small businesses fail within their first year of opening; don’t increase your chances of failing by entering into this new venture with a lack of confidence. Keep your head held high, and take the leap!     

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