How Much Do YOU Think Is TOO Much Social Media?

by Bonnie Frank
Is there such a thing as too much social media? How can you tell if you "suffer" from it?  How much do YOU use social media?

At the time of this writing, Women In Biz has been around for 18 days.  During that time, I created four social media platforms that are uniquely used for Women In Biz: TwitterFacebookGoogle + and WomenInBiz TV.  Similarly, I have unique LadyBlogger accounts for TwitterFacebookGoogle + and LadyBlogger TV.  (LadyBlogger and Women In Biz each share my personal LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.) Of all of these social media platforms, I know I post much more on Twitter for LadyBlogger and Women In Biz, but do I post too much?  

Because I'm writing this on the afternoon of Monday, July 28, I decided to begin my data collection 7/28/14 from 4:00-4:30 pm.   During this time period, I tallied the number of posts that came through my LadyBlogger and Women in Biz Twitter feeds in separate five minute spans.  Using this information, I extrapolated the number of posts that would appear in my feeds during one hour and twelve hours.  How much do you think is too much?


In order for you to have a framework for comparison, here are the number of people I'm following and how many followers I have for LadyBlogger and Women in Biz.  LadyBlogger has been around for 1 year, 27 days and Women In Biz for 18 days.  During this 12 hour time period (9:00 am-9:00 pm) today, I posted 44 times on LadyBlogger's Twitter and 27 times on Twitter for Women In Biz.  (These numbers include two paid tweets for the LadyBlogger Twitter account and several retweets on both accounts.) Women In Biz is new and I am publicizing that website as well as the LadyBlogger 2015blogging conference and its great speakers.  Am I tweeting too much?  Here's the data I collected for the total number of tweets that came through each of those feeds:

I thought I was tweeting a lot until I looked at how many total tweets would appear in my LadyBlogger and Women In Biz feeds in 12 hours.  Of the 19,152 anticipated tweets in my LadyBlogger Twitter feed, the 44 tweets I sent out would only amount to just over two tenths of one percent and my 27 Women In Biz tweets were less than two tenths of a percent of those 15,552 predicted tweets!

So what has my small tweet study shown?  This data shows me that, even when I tweet every 15-20 minutes for 12 hours straight (which still actually seems like a lot to me), in the scheme of things this is a mere drop in the Twitter bucket and I shouldn't worry about "bugging" the Twitter public with my tweets.  And what if my Twitter numbers increase?  Even if the frequency at which the tweets appear in both of my feeds doubles (meaning that I am probably following many more people on Twitter than I am right now), and/or the amount of tweets I send out doubles, the end result is far from being a "tweeting too much" scenario.  How about you?  Do you tweet too much?


Bonnie L. Frank


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