How Much Health Information Should You Share on the Internet?

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[Editor's Note: Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed unpacks what it means to be a health blogger: to put personal information about your health on the Web for all to see. It's also about what it means to read health bloggers -- should you take your health information from an unknown entity on the Web? --Mel]

Sure, we can say these words in our private face-to-face conversations with partners, doctors, and close ALI confidantes. Really, the issue is not about these specific words - it’s about sharing these formerly private medical-related conversations in the Virtual Public. How does sharing some of our most intimate medical details with others play out in the context of social media?

Read the whole post on Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed and then join the conversation: what do you think constitutes too much information?

Photo Credit: Jasleen_Kaur.

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