How Much Is Too Much for Our Kids?

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[Editor's Note: Soccer. Swimming lessons. Piano or violin? Gymnastics or dance? How about all of them? It's a question that trips many parents up, time and time again: What should we involve our kids in and how much is too much? Motherese recently asked these questions on her blog and went ahead and provided herself with some advice given by Christine Carter, author of Raising Happiness. What transpired on the blog is a great post followed by a great discussion by other parents on this difficult topic. I encourage you to read it and offer your advice and experience. -Jenna]

How Much Is Too Much?

Yen in Swimming lessonI’ve over-committed us these past few weeks and my kids and I are showing battle scars from too much time running from here to there and too little time hanging out at home. Big Brother, especially, has been short-tempered and it’s becoming clearer to me that he tends toward introversion, needing space and alone time in his days to feel calm and contented.

I know this. I see this. And yet when flyers fill my mailbox reminding me to sign up for dance class and YMCA soccer and swimming lessons (the current bane of my existence) and library story time, I take them as a direct order: sign up your kids now or else.

Or else what? They’ll miss the chance – at ages almost 4 and 2 – to be Olympic soccer stars? They’ll never discover their inborn gift for somersaults?

Continue reading to see the advice from Christine and add your thoughts.

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