How much is too much for a pair of kids's sunglasses?

Who says our kids can’t be cool? Isn’t it funny the impact that sunglasses have on a child as little as two? The coolness factor, I like to call it, which i think is inherent in all of us. I mean, really, isn’t it strange how kids as young as two feel so totally awesomely cool once they slip on that first pair of sunglasses. Its no wonder that we as parents, take such pride in buying them their first pair of sunglasses at the point of purchase. And yes, its always at the point of purchase…ie, by the check-out counter of ‘whatever’ store, be it your local pharmacy, or toy store or wherever. Its only when your child is older and more vain, (when is that? 3 or earlier?), when you actually get bamboozled into a store by that something year old, looking for the perfect princess or superhero sunglasses. Now I only have boys so I am not sure whether its better or worse with daughters. My experience has been very minimal and has consisted of looking for a pair of ‘iron man’ sunglasses. Ironman whom my neighbor tells me should absolutely NOT be a role model to anyone’s child since he had a drug addiction, and all that jazz. Who knew? I am just a mom and isn’t he a superhero off doing ‘superhero’ stuff?
Anyway, Sons and Daughters Eyewear is the name of a Canadian brand of sunglasses that was started about 18-months ago, by an individual who saw a gap in the children’s eyewear market in terms of the quantity and quality of sunglasses. What a superb business idea? Whenever I think sunglasses for kids, I think the local pharmacy and id=mce_marker0 a pair. After all, why would you spend more than id=mce_marker0 on a pair of sunglasses – given that (a) your child is only interested in the graphics and perhaps the color and (b) he/she is probably going to lose them anyway??

What makes Sons and Daughters so different is first, the quality of the sunglasses, the premise being that the longer your kids are out in the sun, the more damaging the sun’s rays are to one’s eyes, particularly if they are wearing cheap lenses. Sounds reasonable enough, I wouldn’t dispute that. Though, I must confess that I have been more concerned with minimizing eye wrinkles……no, but seriously, I have read that UV radiation can cause eye damage including cataracts which can eventually lead to temporary loss of vision. This brand boasts having passed the very highest international safety standards, 100% italian acetate for durability, spring hinges and UVA protection. Sounds like someone made a min-me version of my sunglasses!

But, what I really like about this brand is that because it focuses on high quality, the frame can be used for prescription glasses (since the lenses do pop out). Okay, I really dig that young kids that wear glasses can also feel cool in them, definite selling point!

Still not convinced about paying more than id=mce_marker5 for a pair of sunglasses for children? Or just luke warm? Well then, let’s look at the designs: many have been inspired by iconic figures like John Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, and Jackie Kennedy. See the website


So let’s talk about the different types of sunglasses. For prescription glasses, they recommend the Ferris or the Bobby (after Bob Dylan). If you have a daughter, you can get the Jackie or Lola. The Bobby works well for boys, and if you want the unisex ones, well then, Rocky and Lenny will work for you. Plus the packaging is really cute. You can get these sunglasses in local stores globally such as Stork in New York and Bon Ton in Paris, check out their website. I guess, I would pay more than $20 for a trendy, good pair of sunglasses…

So what do you want to do? I think in writing this, I have convinced myself what a great buy this brand is for older kids (ie, 7 or 8 and up that are perhaps more responsible), for young kids that are committed to keeping their sunglasses on when they are outside (I can’t say I have seen enough of that), and definitely for kids that wear prescription glasses (at least, you know these kids have experience keeping them on and are less likely to lose them). What do you think? Would you pay more than $30 a pair for a high quality, durable but also trendy pair of sunglasses for kids? Are you in or out?


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