How Much Would You Pay to Be a Bestselling Author?

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The title of bestselling authors undoubtedly is a status symbol. In the last few years we've seen more variations of it popping up. There are Kindle bestsellers, international bestsellers and the biggest one of them all, the New York Times bestseller. How all the bestsellers lists are composed, and the New York Times lists in particular, are a bit of mystery. The methods are kept tightly under wraps. Dear Author examined what these lists and the titles mean and revealed as much as is known about how they are made. No matter which list you are talking about, or how that list is composed, the bestseller status means a lot to readers and authors.

"To authors, it’s a prestige thing and a sales thing. Once an author makes it on the list, it’s hard to bump that author off in each successive publication. Readers use the list to filter their purchases. Why not go with what others have deemed worth purchasing rather than one of the riskier selections throughout the store?"

As a reader, I pay attention to bestsellers lists. I don't often buy something because it's on one of those lists but I like to know what books people are talking about and reading. As Dear Author states in their post, the lists may not be perfect but they do a good job of displaying books the country is talking about. If I was an author, would I want to be on one of those lists? Of course I would. Who wouldn't? But would I be willing to pay to be one on them? I don't think so, though thanks to Kaplan I have a better understanding of why some authors do. I know that I certainly couldn't afford to at the rates indicated in the Wall Street Journal.

Authors, would you try to buy your way on to a bestsellers list? Readers, do those lists influence your buying and reading habits?

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